28 abril 2012

A short story: The Lion and The Mouse

A lion was lying aslepp one day when a little mouse scampered over him, and woke him up. The lion put out his great big paw and trapped the mouse. He was just going to kll him when the mouse squeaked.
  "I meant you no harm, Lion, please let me go free. If you do I promise I will help you one day."
  "How can a mouse help a lion?" asked the lion scornfully. But he let the mouse go anyway, and went back to sleep.
  A little later the lion was caught in a trap laid by hunters. Ad the struggled, the ropes tightened around him and before long he lay on the ground exhausted. He knew that the the hunters. He knew that the hunters would soon come back and kill him.
  Suddenly there was a rustling and the little mouse was beside him gnawing at the ropes. Strand by strand they broke as the mouse's sharp teeth worked away, and long before the hunters came back the lion was free.
  "You never believe I could help you", said the mouse, "but even a mouse can help a lion, and one good turn deserves another."

Dicionário de Palavras Difíceis:
 Scampered- Corria
 Woke- acordou
 Trapped- preso
 Squeaked- guinchou
 Asked- perguntou
 Struggled- Lutado
 Rustling- Farfalhando (Não sei o que é,mas tinha no tradutor assim..)
 Strand- Corda
 Sharp Teeth- Dentes Afiados

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